So’Light vs. Skinny Girl

June 21, 2012

Now that I have some downtime in Austin, Texas, it’s time to write about my So’Light vs. Skinny Girl taste test.

As many of you probably know, Skinny Girl was started by Bethenny Frankel of “The Real Housewives” franchise. It’s a great marketing plan: Make low-calorie cocktails for those ladies who wish to keep their girlish figure and/or lose weight but still enjoy an alcoholic beverage. I’ll be the first to admit that I was psyched when Skinny Girl came into the market. In the beginning, they only had the cocktails and I bought the margarita one. I eventually tried it and was highly disappointed. They market it as 37.5 calories. This is for a 1.5 fluid ounce serving. How many of us only has a 1.5 fluid ounce serving of anything? The calories add up.

Eventually, Skinny Girl released a line of wines. Although I knew they would probably be horrible, I knew I had to try them to be sure. One major thing that caught my eye on this is that they market all of their wines as 100 calories per 5 ounce glass. I can see how a lot of people think that’s great, but there’s a catch: You can get almost any wine for 100 calories, or even less! It’s all marketing.

Now, let’s get to So’Light. So’Light is a low-calorie wine from Les Domaine Auriol, one of my new suppliers in France. The owner, Claude Vialade, came up with the idea a few years ago, but at that time, it seemed too soon to try. When I went to France last month and tried this wine, I’ll be honest: I was a little bit reluctant. I was surprised. The wines were amazing! And the best part: 60-65 calories per 5 ounce glass. I knew I had to have this wine. The wines they have are white (Terret/Sauvignon), rosé (Grenache-Cinsault) and red (Merlot). The reason the wines are lower calories is simple: Less alcohol. 9% instead of the typical 12-13%.

I didn’t decide to do a side by side taste until I was walking around in a wine store yesterday in Dallas and saw the Skinny Girl line up. I couldn’t resist. I purchased the bottles and after chilling the white and the rosé, tried them. They weren’t as horrible as I had thought. There was definitely sugar in both the white and rosé, but the red was undrinkable. I know it was nothing bad with that bottle, just bad wine.

After, I bought both my wines and Skinny Girl to a restaurant just to have a few people I knew (and some I had just met) try the wines. We all agreed on something I already knew: Skinny Girl is all marketing, which is why it is huge. So’Light’s wines have great flavor and acidity.Unfortunately, we did not try the So’Light Rosé because it had just been bottled and did not make it in time for the trip. I have no doubt about how great it will be.

I am even more excited about the wines coming into the US later this summer. And for those who still cringe at the idea of a low calorie wine, don’t knock it ’til you try it. 

Now, it’s time to put the computer away and enjoy the food, music and atmosphere that Austin has to offer.


3 Responses to “So’Light vs. Skinny Girl”

  1. Is So’ Light available in Canada? Do they have a website?

  2. […] I have been up to my eyeballs in online articles about healthy lifestyles, diets, fads, ect. As you may have read in a post I had about a month ago, I wrote about one of my new products, So’Light. It is a low-calorie wine from the Languedoc in France. If you don’t remember, the article, you can read it here. […]

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